GoodDollar Litepaper: A Distributed Basic Income

This paper is a summary of the GoodDollar White Paper

“The litepaper published here refers to the initial version of the GoodDollar White Paper, initially published in May 2020. An updated summary of the GoodDollar V2 functionality can be found in this blog post.”

GoodDollar is a people-powered framework to generate, finance, and distribute global basic income via the GoodDollar token (“G$ coin”). Its goal is to provide a baseline standard of living and reduce wealth inequality through the creation of a universal basic income (UBI).

GoodDollar leverages new protocols and smart contracts to deliver a “trickle-up” value structure, which places money in the hands of those who need it most. This is the reverse of the conventional trickle-down approach to capital, credit, and interest-bearing money.

A digital asset that operates within the emerging ecosystem of decentralized and open finance, G$ coin is backed by a monetary reserve of cryptocurrencies and thus has tangible value. G$ coins are liquid and convertible to other cryptocurrencies, and will be available to buy and sell directly via the GoodDollar GoodReserve smart contract.

The value in the GoodDollar reserve comes from the interest that is generated from Supporters who stake cryptocurrencies in decentralized third-party protocols. Through the amassed reserve interest, G$ coins are minted. They are used to pay Supporters market-rate interest payments, while a daily amount of G$ coins is set aside to be distributed as basic income.

GoodDollar’s decentralized global basic income concept has the potential to effect positive change in the world while pioneering a fairer and more transparent circular economy.

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